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Roof Inspections

While you may notice that something doesn’t look right on top of your home or business, we’re the experts who know how to identify what’s really doing on. It’s important to talk to the professionals at Boulevard Contracting if you think you might have some type of roof damage. The first step in knowing when to call is keeping a close eye on the exterior and interior of your home or business.
Homeowners need to be aware that they might miss damage that is apparent to a professional, and they should keep an eye out for these warning signs:
  • Obvious exterior damage like missing shingles, exposed underlayment material or boards
  • Recent occurrences of hail, even when there is no obvious damage visible
  • Water spots on top floor ceilings during wet weather
  • Paint chipping away from baseboards near the gutters
  • Gutters that are pulling away from the house entirely, or that have shifted and no longer functioning properly
  • A roof that’s 20 years or more in age since it was installed
If any of the above sound like a situation you recognize, it might be time to get a roof inspector to check your home or business. A professional will be able to tell you the condition your roof is in and recommend steps to protect it further. Time and the elements eventually break down all roofs, be it in 5 years or 50 years, but you can save yourself lots of time and money by identifying the problems early.