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Emergency Services

Disaster often strikes when it’s least expected. In the middle of a crisis that puts your home or business at risk, you often need professional advice and repairs at a moment’s notice. Boulevard Contracting is the greater Kansas City area’s choice for emergency contracting, roof repair, damage assessments and damage mitigation services.

Home and business owners never want to go through the situations that cause them to need emergency home repairs, but such emergencies are not part of anyone’s plans. We work with property owners to repair buildings as quickly as possible, and to help prevent or mitigate any additional damage that could be suffered thanks to the elements. The first step in any emergency is to stop the damage where it’s at so we can begin the repairing and rebuilding processes.

emergency services by Boulevard Contracting

Some of the most serious emergencies are caused by mother nature and are out of the home or business owner’s control. Wind damage, hail damage, damage from fallen tree limbs and downed power lines are usually caused by the elements and completely beyond anyone’s control. Other equally serious emergencies are more preventable, and include the results of delayed maintenance, ice damming, snow buildup and improper installation practices. Preventative maintenance can help stop or mitigate the damage from both preventable and natural causes, but in an emergency you’re still going to need a professional to keep your home or business safe.

Safety Tips for An Emergency Situation

  • Don’t try to inspect or repair the problem on your own without proper training. Some types of structure damage can be difficult to detect, and a person with little to no experience can face extreme danger. Call a professional emergency contractor who will help you understand the situation and mitigate risk to life and property as soon as possible.
  • Where possible, using a plastic sheet to cover exposed areas until your emergency contractor arrives can protect against more damage. If you’re uncertain about your personal safety though, do not risk your own health to protect property. Wait for your contractor or another emergency service professional.
  • With less serious emergencies, like a leaking roof where there doesn’t appear to be any serious damage from things like falling tree limbs, make a visual roof inspection from the ground. Try to determine where you think the problem might be coming from, as this may help you give useful information to your emergency contracting professional from Boulevard.

Emergency Tarps

Emergency Services Kansas City Boulevard ContractingWhen a business or home suffers damage to the exterior, and especially the roof, protecting it from the elements is the first priority. Boulevard specializes in bringing its clients damage mitigation services, and in procuring and delivering tarps to protect valuables – any time of day or night.

One of the most dangerous things a structure faces while it is not fully intact and functional is moisture. Keeping moisture away from wood substructures is a must to protect against mildew and wood rot. Beyond the substructures, allowing moisture to enter the home can lead to an array of similar problems ranging from mold to unstable floorboards.

Our emergency tarp services help keep the elements outside of your home or business so that it can be properly repaired. Since there is no schedule for when disaster will strike, our emergency services are available to homeowners, business owners and insurance companies around the clock. Our commitment to excellent service when you need it most means that we will help you protect your valuables and one of your largest investments, and help you set a plan in motion for a complete repair.

Tarps are not a long-term solution, but are sometimes the best option in a true emergency – like when weather threatens and your home rooftop is not a state to handle it. This temporary fix will give you the extra time you need to form a permanent repair plan.

Emergency Board Ups

A hole in an exterior wall or window can be a major problem for a home or business owner. During most of the year in the Kansas City area, any kind of hole connecting the exterior and interior together will lead to very high heating and cooling costs, not to mention all the creatures, winged and otherwise, who will have a great time exploring your home’s nooks and crannies.

When your home has suffered damage that requires a board up, you need to act fast to protect your valuables. Emergency contractors like Boulevard act fast to keep the outside where it belongs. We work on jobs large and small from a hail stone through a window pane to a truck through the back of the garage (hey, accident’s happen)!

Boarding up the damage is an important first step in the repair process. A board up keeps all of the things out that you don’t want in, and keeps the area in good condition until your contractor can get the materials and plan in place to repair the damage. Because disasters and accidents know no schedules, Boulevard is committed to being available anytime that you need us. We work with insurers, home owners and business owners to protect their valuables when the unimaginable strikes.

Board ups are not long-term solutions, but can be the best options in emergencies as the first step on the road to recovery. Once your board up has been completed, it’s time to start planning how to fix the root cause of the damage. Boulevard Contracting offers a range of general contractor services that can help you get your home or business back to how it looked (or better) before the disaster.

Emergency Restoration Services

When the inevitable happens, remember that there is always help available! We work to help victims of all types of home damage get their houses and lives back to normal. From repairing collapsed roofs to draining and restoring flooded basements, our team of certified Class A contractors is trained and certified to repair almost all types of damage.

Our first priority is always safety, so we always board up, fence off and add marking tape to dangerous areas first, before we begin the restoration process. We then work to determine a plan of action based on our experience.