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Residential Roofing


Residential roofing is our specialty. We know how to work with homeowners, to explain all of their options for roofing and roof repair. We show homeowners where they may have roof damage, help them understand the scope of the work that needs to be done and get them the highest quality repairs and replacement roofs. No matter the material, no matter the size of the roof, your hometown roof repair and replacement experts will make sure you never have to worry about needing home roof repairs.

If you notice signs of damage like leaks or missing shingles, you home may have suffered recent roof damage, and you should have it diagnosed by the experts at Boulevard Contracting. Our team often works with homeowners who need repairs, roof replacements and planning to stop the damage from happening again. Even small damages over time can add up to a big problem, so keeping an eye on the roof of your home is the best way to make sure that you never have problems.

We inspect and repair:

  • Roofs and Roofing Materials: The actual roof itself, we repair or replace shingles, underlayment and more.
  • Gutters: Pooling water or water that spills off the side of the house can lead to costly foundation problems, so keeping gutters in excellent shape is important.
  • Wood Rot: Rotted wood will break down and allow water to reach other exposed wood. Wood rot needs to be removed and replaced, otherwise problems will spread.
  • Flashing, Skylights and Vents: These roofing elements also need to special care. While issues tend to be more rare, they are also easier to miss. We pay special attention to these areas to protect against leaks and other dangers like insects and rodents.
Aesthetics are important to us too. We use high quality materials that make the home’s roof look like new for now and for years to come. You will have options on the type of material that you would like installed, with variations in durability, color and function. We explain everything to you and let you know when and how every step of the process will be completed.
When we’re finished, the final steps are about safety and your satisfaction. Yards and surrounding areas, places were debris could have fallen, are picked up. [We perform a magnetic sweep of the yard to make sure there are not sharp nails or tools that could cause injury.]

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