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Gutters are one of the most overlooked yet important parts of any structure sitting on soil where it rains. While the life of a gutter is not glamorous, it actually protects your home from potentially significant damage caused by water. How well your gutters are working is an essential piece of information that every homeowner should have.
If your gutters are clogged or separate from your roof, you’re risking your home’s foundation and the very wood that supports it. When water is allowed to fall straight off of a rooftop as opposed to being directed elsewhere via gutters and downspouts, it can pool next to exterior basement walls and foundations. In the Kansas City area, when the soil gets wet and stays wet, it expands and puts pressure on the exterior walls and foundation slabs of a home. This can result in cracked basement walls, water leaking into basements and extremely costly repairs that usually aren’t covered by home owners insurance. In addition, wood rot can result from misaligned guttering, allowing roofs to leak, and causing more long-term damage to window frames around the home.

Boulevard Contracting installs custom fitted seamless guttering onto Kansas City’s areas homes. We’re also the pros at repairing or replacing damaged gutters, be it from storm damage or just standard wear and tear. [Options include gutter guards to prevent clogs and extended downspouts to make sure water is directed as far away from  the home as possible.