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Demolition & Rebuilding

Demolishing a structure takes precision and care, and rebuilding takes experienced craftspeople. When it’s time to replace a structure, remove a damaged structure or remove a portion of a structure, Boulevard Contracting has the team that knows how to get the job done right, fast.

Destroying a structure sometimes becomes necessary because of advanced age and the dangerous interior conditions caused it. Wood rot can can damage wood support structures in a home beyond the ability to be repaired. Likewise, a shifting foundation can cause unsafe shifts in the way a building is situated, a problem that if not repaired may lead to structural collapse. Violent weather can also render a part of or entire building uninhabitable, as strong winds do by hurling debris into load-bearing structures during tornadoes. Damage from infestations can also necessitate a demolition. Of course, home and business owners sometimes just want to build a new structure on a given site, and that requires removal of the previous home or business.


We practice safe demolition techniques, and prepare sites for rebuilding or repurposing depending the requests of our clients. Since each building is unique, each has it’s own demolition plan. In every case, we safely demolish structures and completely clear debris for the safety of all.

When it comes time for the rebuilding, our expert general contracting services enable Boulevard to plan and construct complete projects for most purposes. We bring together the team you need to build or rebuild your home or business. Every step of the process, we work closely with our clients so they’re always up to date about where the project stands.